Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raising The Bar

A New Public Safety Center for Utah's Capital City

Being an architect sometimes feels like being a movie producer. If a movie producer is only as good as their last movie, then an architect is only as good as his or her last building.

The bar is constantly being raised. As technology and tastes change, client and public expectations always go up.

But isn't that kind of cool?

Makes you always reach forward, climbing up to the next plateau.

Lately my clients have been increasingly interested in green architecture. I find that wonderful. I just wish society was as interested in pursuing sustainability when it comes to their own increasingly huge homes and gargantuan cars.

My current project is the planning of the new Public Safety Center for Salt Lake City. The building is being designed to house Salt Lake's Police and Fire Headquarters. It will also house their new emergency communications center and emergency operations center (EOC). 

The Entry Plaza 

The building will be a true wonder of technology. It is being designed using a new structural dampening technique to resist earthquake forces. It will house the Salt Lake Information Center (which is a multi-media space allowing emergency services staff to monitor highway cameras, television stations, and related information sources to allow for the logical coordination of available data.)

The building is also being designed to meet / exceed the US Green Building Council's LEED Gold standard (and may well exceed the LEED requirement for Platinum - the highest achievement in sustainability possible).

Part of its green features include the ability to generate much of its own power using a vast array of rooftop photovoltaic panels. The goal is a true "Net Zero" building.

Besides being a great place to work, the public will be very welcome here. They will have access to superb public meeting rooms, a first rate public safety museum, a beautiful festival plaza (expansion space for the annual Utah Arts festival!), even a small shop selling logo items. 

The Main Public Lobby

The front plaza is being designed to allow places to eat, read, even a fountain designed for kids to play in during warm summer months.

 The Entry Plaza Is Designed To Be Festival Friendly

This one is exciting. It will be a fun and energizing place to work. It will be easy on the environment and darned easy on the eyes as well!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double Nickels

Another Birthday!

Roadboy is now officially 55. I guess that means (since I plan to live to be 110) that I've just hit the midpoint of my life!

My beautiful (and talented) daughter created the card below. 

Had to share.

Thanks Kiddo! 

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