Wednesday, February 22, 2017

AA Posts New Boarding Policy

American Announces it's New "Simplified" Process With 10 Boarding Groups

Anyone who has witnessed the horror of Spirit Airlines during boarding has no doubt wondered "Why in hell anyone would fly them?". Towards the end of their boarding process is the fines and penalties phase. In a recent Denver Spirit boarding I heard the following announcement "If you try to board with an extra personal item or unpaid luggage, you will be fined $100".

Did you catch that "fined". Wow, can passenger floggings be far behind?

Today, in support of their desire to emulate Spirit's pricing and business model, AA announced it will begin using a new "simplified" boarding process next week. It features only TEN boarding groups (actually pre-boarding for Concierge Executive fliers plus 9 additional boarding groups).  Yes, truly a model of simplicity.

So expect the gate area chaos that presently exists at AA flights (now with only 5 boarding groups) to get just a bit more crazy.

Pan Am Economy Late 1960's
In an era when commercial air travel sucks so bad (as one of my friends recently expressed travel today "feels like a one-way trip to the Soylent Green factory" - go look that one up Millennials), I couldn't help adding the above photo of economy class seating from a Pan Am 747 in the late 1960's.

Of course people smoked on planes back then too. Times have indeed changed.

Some for the better, and starting next week, some for the worse.

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