Saturday, September 27, 2008

The New Embraer 190

Nice Job!

You know you fly too much when you can identify the seating pattern for nearly all commercial aircraft.

As the airlines seek to maximize profits many seem to be relying more and more on smaller jets. I am not opposed to that trend as long as they are comfortable, safe, and dependable.

The smaller jets seem to have their own definite personalities. The Fokker is good in storms. The CRJ's may be practical, but typically do not have a first class section and are downrght uncomfortable for anyone over 5' tall. In fact I can't even look out a CRJ's windows without ducking weirdly.

So as the new Embraer 190's come on the scene I have to say Bravo! Made in Brazil, these are nifty planes. In the past few weeks I have now flown on 3 of them and have found each to be great. They have (at least on US Airways) a big first class section. They have NO middle seats! They have big luggage bins. They are quiet and smooth. I note on their website they even feature a whole narrative on ergonomics! Think of that an aircraft manufacturer that expresses actual concern about the comfort and ergonomic needs of human beings!

With so many negatives associated with commercial airline travel lately, I'm pleased to report that this new aircraft is a welcome addition to the skies!

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