Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring in the Sonora

Time to Gloat

Sometime in the middle of June or July I will regret posting this, but today I just can't help it. My I-phone informs me that all next week it will rain every day in Seattle.  Monday in Washington DC the high will reach 32°.  Tomorrow in Chicago it will reach 26° with snow.

Today in Phoenix I washed my cars in shorts and the high was 83°. The seven day forecast calls for sunshine every day next week.

While summer may be everyone else's time.  February and March belong to Arizona. Our skies are clear, ego-free cactus league baseball is about to start, and everyday is a good day to ride single track on a mountain bike.

 Ocotillos are Green

The Hummingbirds are Back

The Heat of Summer Hints of its Return 

In the meantime, it is time to put the top down on the car, eat dinner outside, take the dogs on long walks, and bask in all the glories of winter in the magnificent Sonora desert. 

This year if you visit us here in Phoenix remember there is Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Garden and the new light rail now serves Sky Harbor Airport. Another big plus is there are a zillion new hotel rooms, so the inability to find a room during spring training will not be the case at least for this year.

Sometimes the best travel adventure is just staying home.  I'll come visit you in June or July!

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