Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too Many Points!

Oh You Greedy Point Grabbers You!

A 150K Chairman's Open Letter to US Airways CEO Doug Parker

Dear Doug:

I could not help but notice (with a chuckle) your quote in the USA Today this week. You noted to "Industry Insiders" that you feel that the airline industry has just given away way too many FF Points.

OK Doug. Lets see. 

I can't get through Sky Harbor without being attacked by your credit card hawkers asking if I'm "Travelling on US Airways today?" 

Well I'm on Concourse A or B so what are the chances I might be flying anyone but US Airways? Hmm, aside from the one 6:30 PM BA flight to London, the answer is none!  

Yet your card guys chase me down the concourse with their little clocks and mugs asking if I want "25K in free miles and an immediate free flight after just my first purchase with a new US Airways card". I already have two of them.

And lets see you have a "Double Your Mile's Promo" on until April 30. I'm registered!

Oh and you'll sell me points "if I'm a little short" for an award. Thanks, but I have a bunch!

You also offer no less than four "extra point" promos for rental cars, hotels, florists etc. on your website. Don't mind if I do.

If I eat at almost any restaurant in Phoenix I get points. I like to eat! I do it everyday!

Have I missed anything?

Doug, isn't this sort of like giving me a birthday gift, then calling me an ingrate, and asking me for it back?

I thought it was all about building "loyalty". 

Well, Doug. Its a two way street.



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IniquitousFish said...

Why am I getting the sense that it's been a long week for you?