Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Is The Summer To Travel!

It Is Crazy Out There!

This will be a short post. Over the past two weeks I have seen absolutely amazing deals pop up in almost every travel related category.

Last week there was a 12 night cruise (during summer) on Celebrity (superb cruise line) from Amsterdam through every major port in Scandinavia all the way to St. Petersburg for $799 with a $100 on board credit. That works out to $58.25 per night for travel, food, and hotel!  

Marriott is giving 3 nights for every 2 nights in points that are cashed in for their resorts this summer. If you register Marriott is also currently awarding double credit and points for staying in their hotels. They also nuked their blackout periods and announced rollover nights for road warriors that exceed platinum this year.

I just went back and rebooked hotels tonight for my families' upcoming trip to Japan this June. The savings in hotel costs from my original reservations netted about $700.

There was a $799 deal at Sceptre Travel recently for travel IN SUMMER to Ireland for $799. It includes the five star Adare Manor, airfare, and a rental car. 

In the past few weeks there have been sales for coast to coast trips on every major airline for $69 - $99.

Not to downplay the human tragedy of the situation in Mexico, but for a country that desperately needs our travel dollars for its very survival, this spring and summer travel season has been decimated by the perception of a "Pandemic" that has so far claimed fewer lives than one day of auto fatalities in the US. After talking to travelers that recently returned from Cancun, I was told there is no one on the beach, the hotels are empty, and the staff of the resorts are literally spending their entire days sterilizing every surface a human can come in contact with.

I know the economy is bad. I know everyone is scared of getting swine flu. I know, I know, I know.

All I'm telling you is the dollar is up, prices are down, and gas is cheaper than anytime in three years. If there was ever a summer to hit the road, this is it. For goodness sakes, Go Travel!

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Voluntourism said...

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Roadboy said...

May I add to my Favs? I am so impressed with the concept of meaningful travel!

Cindy said...

Summer to travel huh? How about on a mountain bike??? And bike does have WIDE tires! So I have no excuses! :)

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