Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stepping on Stones

Megan and Peter's Wedding

Last weekend Mary and I were honored to be invited to the weddings of my cousin's eldest daughter in Raleigh NC. Yes, I said "weddings" plural.

The first wedding was a simple, yet lovely, Christian service in a small, beautiful, and very historic downtown chapel. A lone guitarist strummed and the theme was bees. Very cool!

The Beehive Wedding Cake

Wedding number two was a dazzling Hindu service carried out in Sanskrit.

Since many of the attendees were unfamiliar with an eastern wedding, a narrator described the ceremony. Some of the steps included the parents of the bride and groom each asking the other to respect the union and the sharing of milk and honey. Through a veil the bride and groom's wrists were tied together with a silk thread to symbolize the union.

The bride and groom start the ceremony facing each other. At one point the bride stands on a stone to symbolize the pain and need for balance that may come with the union. The bride and groom finish sitting together facing the same direction. A flame is lit to symbolize the union and the bride and groom take their first married steps around it.

It was fascinating to participate in two very different and lovely ceremonies.

The reception parties were a joy too!

In very personal ways our world gets smaller every day.

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