Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Walk in Battery Park

A Short Walk On A Cool Fall Day

Last week I had a project that brought me to New York City. While my work kept me busy most of the time, I was able to get about a two hour walk in Friday morning near my hotel before heading to the airport. 

It was the day after a huge storm hit Long Island. There was still a lot of wind, and to a Phoenician it felt pretty chilly. It sputtered a bit of rain and the clouds were grey. But it still felt like a fine time to walk and a chance to glimpse the very last of fall's golden leaves on the trees. 

The Face of Fall

As always in New York City there was something cool to see every where I turned. As I walked I could see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island out in the Harbor.  But there was also the beautiful NYPD officers memorial which, sadly, has too many names on it.

The NYPD Memorial

The NYPD Wall of Honor

I also found myself pretty choked up at the sight of the beat up sculpture from the plaza of the World Trade Center.

WTC Sculpture

It wasn't all somber and introspective. I also found this playful Jim Dine sculpture of a romantic interlude between a cat in a skirt and an ape dancing in the park.

Waltzing in the Park

At the foot of the Battery is the beautiful US Customs House. It is precisely set where immigrants were brought after passing through Ellis Island. Now it is the Museum of the American Indian. Seems strangely ironic. The juxtoposition between our main portal of immigration and a tribute to the original Americans. 

The Larger Than Life Sculptures at the US Customs House

The Merchant Marine Memorial is dramatic as well as it depicts hands outstretched to save a comrade.

Hands Reaching To Safety

As I rounded the foot of Broadway on my way back there was the wonderful Bull looking for Wall Street.

The Bull

All in all two great hours of architectural  battery charging.

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Cindy said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures of New York; they are great!! Actually made me think of the movie "Autumn in New York"!
Hope you're having a good weekend!