Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roadboy in 2010

Spain Spain Spain 

2010 is shaping up to be a great year to travel. In February we will take off for Spain. After  just a little bit of research I have come to realize there are actually about four "Spain" trips you can make. There is a trip to all of the sunny Mediterranean resorts. A trip that explores castles (more than any other country in Europe). A tour that might include a side trip to Morocco. And a tour that features the many regional cuisines of Spain. 

Our tour will focus on architecture (duh!) 

We will travel to Barcelona (pronounced "barth-a-lona"), Madrid, and Granada. That allows me to thoroughly enjoy the work of Antoni Gaudi, explore modern, as well as, historic Barcelona architecture, tour the Alhambra of Granada, and explore the museums of Madrid. 

I am opting out for the trip north to Bilbao. I kind of think once you've see one of Frank Gehry's distinctive smashed metal buildings........  

And Who Knows???

I also anticipate some surprises in 2010 as well. Just not sure where yet. 

I realize that this is totally contrary to Roadboy's typical plan-it-to-death travel mode, but I am stunned at the deals I am seeing each week. Some will likely prove to be just too good to pass up. 

For example: this week Travelzoo had an Ireland package with airfare, car, and a weeks hotel (in a Ritz Carlton no less) just outside of Dublin for $799. They even had reasonable upgrades to business class available.  There was also a 6 Night Costa Rica special with Car, air, and hotels for $499. These are prices that are less than what one should expect to pay just for airfare! 

Of course friends know I am smitten with a trip to Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza (wine country), and on to Chile. So maybe that will transpire.

Since it is the most googled thing I have ever posted, I plan to update my "Roadboy's Travel in Style on a Budget" posting. Beyond that there will be the usual impromptu rants about any knuckleheads I may come in contact with and I'll probably volley up a few dope-slaps for my favorite MBA travel industry execs that seem to be completely bent on fiscal suicide.

Of course there will be lots of postings highlighting food, any hidden gems I find in the places I travel to every week, and maybe another car auction. There will probably be a piece or two identifying new things in my wonderful hometown - Phoenix! 

You know the usual fare.

Roadboy's Rules for the new year! 
1. Pray for peace and the safe return of those we love - no matter the reason they travel.
2. Don't sit around waiting to do the things you always said you'd do! 
3. Don't be stingy with hugs!  

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