Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Last Day

The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza 

For our last day in Spain we took it pretty easy. Slept in and then took the metro to see the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

After a day of classics at the Prado, the Thyssen collection, with its modern works, rounded out our visit. I was able to see three wonderful paintings by Edward Hopper and two by Winslow Homer. When I tried to see Hopper's in two museums in the States, they were on loan! So I had to go to Spain to do it, but I finally got to see some real Hopper's.

The gallery is privately owned (considered by many to be the largest and most complete private art collection in the world). The gallery itself is housed in a historic palace near the Prado. Everything behind the facade facing the street is modern (all or part) designed by Rafeal Moneo.

They were setting up a new installation, so we also got to see Carmen Thyssen's very lovely (and very well protected) brand new Rolls Royce pull into the courtyard of her very own Museum. A unique perk.

The museum has a great cafe to linger in. I had a perfect dish of mushroom risotto. It was a perfect place to strike up a conversation with an Australian jewelry buyer that comes from Melbourne to Spain twice a year to "see what they are wearing in Madrid". She then buys product to take home. She sort of confirmed what we had heard; Spain has joined Milan as Europe's benchmark for fashion.

After leaving the Thyssen we walked a bit and I stumbled onto the plaza that contains the statue of author / playwright Garcia Lorca (the one I mentioned in my Granada post). In the sculpture he is about to release a bird and stands facing the theater. Perfect placement for one of Spain's most noteworthy playwrights. No kerchief at 5 PM, so I guess the rightists had already ritually removed it.

Lorca Releasing A Bird

Facing The Theater

I took one last walk around the Plaza Mayor as well. Since it was Friday it was shaping up for a lively night. Lots of human sculptures (and police) in attendance.

The Plaza Mayor Getting Ready for Another Friday Night

So with that, we returned to the hotel and got ourselves all packed. Tomorrow we start our long journey home. I'll miss Spain, but look forward to a few days of 78° F! 

Time to start collecting frequent flyer points again.

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