Monday, February 6, 2012

Whats In Your Netflix Cue?

Bill Cunningham New York
He Who Seeks Beauty......Will Find it!

The ability to travel allows us opportunities to go to new places, experience different cultures, view beauty and fall even more madly in love with our amazing world each day.

I just finished watching a documentary profiling Bill Cunningham. Before viewing this film I was not aware of this 82 year old, bicycle riding, fashion photographer and New York Times icon.

Bill Cunningham New York follows him as he roams the streets of New York City on the prowl for new fashion trends to photograph. He snaps pictures of both everyday people and the glitterati.

In a time when our broadcast media and journalism dial up ever noisier and brutal ways to provoke us via cynicism and hate, this film was a joy.

I love the fact that the New York Times still hires this guy to find those willing to express their own personal style. And, what makes it even more wonderful is, he does it with genuine affection and kindness.

Please, do Roadboy a favor. Put this one in your Netflix cue!

Cause the world could use a few more Bill Cunningham's.

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