Saturday, June 23, 2012

Travel Fragments

Just Some Stuff Along The Way.......

When I travel I always find myself snapping photos of things that catch my eye. Can't figure a theme to post 'em, but hate them to just languish in I-Photo!

WPA Era Post Office
Visalia, California

Love Me 
Los Angeles, California

Sticks on a Fence
Phoenix, Arizona

American Indian 
Terra Cotta Cartouche
The Cobb Building (1910)
Seattle, Washington

Boat in a Salvage Yard
Salt Lake City, Utah

"God Could Not Be Everywhere
So He Created Mothers"
Oakland, California

Rio Grande!
Union Station
Salt Lake City, Utah

In Context
Union Station
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Life Takes Time" 
Savannah, Georgia

Eagle at Stairway
Federal Building
Salt Lake City, Utah

A Kiss From the K-9
El Cajon Police Department Photo Collection
El Cajon, California

There is a Vacancy at the Fun City Motel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Candle Sconce
Our Lady of the Angels
Los Angeles, California

The Burlington Route
Sometimes Known as "The Silver Streak" 
Chicago, Illinois

Jim Morrison
Venice, Italy

"Wait Your Turn"
Airport Floor Medallion
Barcelona, Spain

I'll keep snapping!

Enjoy your summer!

Roadboy's Travels 2012

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