Friday, July 20, 2012


Enduring Tragedy at a Movie Theater in Aurora

Most of my dad's family hale from Colorado. Over the years I have spent many happy summer's (and a few Christmas') there. 

It is always beautiful. 

It is filled with independent thinking, hearty, hard working, and artistic people. Many of whom are deeply in love with nature. I have been lucky enough to return there over and over for work and pleasure.

So today when a senseless tragedy exacts a terrible price with innocents purposely harmed, as a traveler I urge everyone to carefully disassociate tragedy with place. 

Norway is not at fault any more than Virginia Tech, or Columbine, or Tucson, or Oklahoma City, or Ground Zero. 

So at least for today lets all agree...

We are not from one nation or another. 

  We are not from one state or another. 

    We are not from one political affiliation or another. 

      We are not from one religion or another. 

        We are simply brothers and sisters...

          Who grieve.

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