Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Travel Somewhere Amazing

Look at This!

Update 5-22-2013 Thank You Everyone! 
552 backers from 24 country's funded Ms. M's Kickstarter $25,880 
Hinges Arc 1 "Clockwork City" is now assured to become a beautiful hardbound book.  

My hit counter informs me that Roadboy now averages nearly 1,500 hits a month. Sheesh! I never dreamed I'd host so many visitors. Thank you!

Roadboy gives me the freedom to take you with me wherever I go, sharing whatever happens along the way. 

But, the places I go all start with very real journey's, whether via foot, train, plane, bicycle or automobile.

This visit I want to take you to a place far more spectacular and difficult to reach. Make no mistake it exists. And after you arrive, you may have trouble returning. It is the land of "Hinges" and it is spectacular. 

So click here for a short visit to Clockwork City. When you are through exploring, please travel one more place. It is a place where you can make someone's dream come true. That someone is my daughter who would like to publish the whole 100+ richly illustrated Hinges series. So now please click here. 

And think of it. Wouldn't a lushly illustrated and autographed first edition copy of Hinges go a long way to making you a hero when someones's graduation or birthday comes around or save it for holiday gifting?

Personally, I want one all for myself. 

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