Friday, May 17, 2013

Along The Way

Scrapbook Shots

After family gatherings, no activity offers Roadboy more photo opportunities than travel. Sometimes it is a view from the airplane window (yes, airplane windows still captivate me). It might be a momentary interaction with locals along the way. Of all the (thousands?) of travel photos I've snapped over the years here are a few of my favorites. These are worth clicking to make larger.

From Italy....

Bicycle Riders 
New Years Day 
The Borghese Gardens, Rome 

Sunset Venice

Women On the Road to Pienza
(Thank You Clif)

From France....

Wall Art 
Angouleme, France
(Home of the Annual Bande Dessinee International Comic Arts Festival)

Parking in Paris
Parisians Leave Parked Cars in Neutral / Hand Brake Off
(You Nudge The Cars in Front and Back  - Creating Enough Space to Depart)
My Hotel Receptionist Said...   
"It Would Be So Rude to Park a Car With the Brake Engaged!"

From Lisbon...

Building Supergraphics 
Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Below
The Santa Justa Lift
Lisbon, Portugal

The Cloister
Sintra, Portugal

From Spain...

Granada From The Alhambra

From Los Angeles...

The Amor Arms 
Los Angeles, California

The Victor Clothing Co. Mural
A Tribute to Anthony Quinn
Los Angeles, California

From Chicago...

Rotating Second Floor Art 
The "Upstairs" Gallery
The Blackstone Hotel 
Chicago, Illinois

Inside of "The Bean"
Chicago, IL

From Oregon...

Multnomah Falls

From Utah...

The Kennecott Open Pit Copper Mine

From Above Nashville...

An Aviator's Moonlight

Cheers! From Roadboy!

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