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Salt Lake City's New Public Safety Building

Finishing It Up!

For much of the past almost four years I have been working on a new Fire and Police Headquarters for Salt Lake City. 

This project means a lot to me. We were honored to work with exceptionally talented architects in Salt Lake and had a great client. It had superb leadership from the user group and it's project management team.

It also had a wonderful and incredibly devoted contractor orchestrating the skills and talents of literally hundreds of skilled tradespeople.

Very quickly the people involved at every level became special to me.

The building now nearing completion has refocused the way I approach public safety architecture. It occurred coincidentally with my life's greatest personal heartache / turmoil to date. Perhaps focusing on it was medicinal. 

All I know is the finished product is truly unique, and it is almost ready for its lucky new occupants. 

So what sets it apart?

It is amazingly sustainable and (I believe) will likely become the first major Police and Fire HQ of its size to achieve the distinction of US Green Building LEED Platinum. 

It is durable and secure being one of the first public building's in the US to incorporate seismic dampening technology (the dampeners look like giant shock absorbers throughout the building).

Here, take a look!

Salt Lake's New Public Safety Building

The building houses Salt Lake's Emergency Communications Center, Emergency Operations Center, K-9 team, Motorcycles, Bike Squad, Investigative and SWAT teams. It also offers community meeting and in service training rooms, the Salt Lake Information Center (continuous multi-media monitoring center), a Fitness Center, Records and a police museum.

The New K-9 Facilities

The New Traffic Motorcycle Garage

The building has green roofs, lots of photovoltaic cells (with a goal of achieving "Net Zero"). Its floors provide radiant heat. Its ceilings use chilled beam technology for cooling.

Roof Surfaces are "Green" and Planted 
(Here 911 Communicators Will Have Access to the Roof for Breaks)

The Entrance Canopy Uses Photovoltaic Cells to Generate Power

Nearly every employee in the building will have a view of daylight from their workspace. Many conferencing rooms are furnished without tables to encourage open dialogue.

Conferencing Centers

The Community Meeting Room

Public Spaces are Purposely Transparent and Open

Substantive public art pieces are located inside and out. In addition heritage photos for police and fire are etched on steel and displayed throughout. 

History is Celebrated

Open Hands Symbolize Devotion to Community Service

Salt Lake has much to be proud of. It is an incredibly livable city. It has dynamic arts, world class academics, a new and very efficient light rail system, and a thriving urban core. It can now add the finest public safety headquarters in North America to that list.

Chief Burbank Welcomed Staff and Citizens 
During Dedication Ceremonies 
Far from the current practice of government buildings that are designed with the singular goal of low first cost, Salt Lake has instead invested in an efficient, open, durable, and low energy 24/7/365 building. This has resulted in an exceptional working environment that will deliver low operating costs year in and year out for the decades to come. 

In doing so, it has set a new standard of excellence.

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