Sunday, November 17, 2013

Real Magic At The Magic Kingdom

A Perfect Flight

Friends and I visit the Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks almost every year. And, while there are always new things to see, I tend to return to my old favorites time after time. 

My hands-down favorite attraction in California Adventure is Soarin' Over California. As a native Californian, it reminds me why the Golden State, despite failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and lousy governance, retains such a powerful allure to visitors from around the world.

Sadly, this trip we all noticed a rash of shoves, line cuts and general rudeness during our visit.

But, then, I witnessed the moment that made up for it all.

Once past the lines at Soarin' we requested to wait a cycle, letting others pass, so that we could sit in the middle of the ride. Next to us a family of four also waited. I took the family to be a mom and three sons. One teenage son was confined to a wheelchair where everything is adjustable and upholstered. 

During the wait the family adjusted this and that, smiled and talked in tones that conveyed nothing but pure affection to the young man who clearly had been in that chair a very long time.

While we boarded our hang glider they worked, with military precision, lifting him as a team, getting him carefully strapped in. It was a symphony of coordinated effort. While waiting I noted that, discretely, every one of them kissed him.

They were completely oblivious to a world that was sneaking stares. Their focus was laser sharp. 

They were in Disneyland and they were enjoying their day.

Some might argue they'd been dealt a bum hand. But the family I saw demonstrated no resentment at all. They were as special as the young man they accompanied.

In the space of a 4 minute ride, we soared together and I came to love them.

But I don't kid myself.....

They soared higher than I ever will.

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