Sunday, April 20, 2014

Women Who Rock!

Some Shots From The Recent MIM Exhibit

I've been meaning to see the "Women Who Rock!" exhibit at Phoenix' musical instrument museum for months. So this week when the MIM's e-mail alerting me that it would end Sunday April 20th I made sure to go see it.

The exhibition is on loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio. Compact, yet very complete beginning with its roots in Jazz, Country and R&B.

As you enter there are displays featuring the roots of rock with people like Mother Maybelle Carter, Billie Holliday, Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey.

It then profiles the early days of Brenda Lee and Ruth Brown.

The early 1960's explode with "Girl Groups" like the Supremes and Shangri-la's.

The late 1960's arrive in the haze of the counterculture and usher in the Disco Era of the 1970's.

Next up, the Punk and Post Punk era and on to Madonna, Janet Jackson and the Pop Explosion.

The exhibit concludes with Ladies First and the New Millennium.  

I found the gowns and performance clothes to be the most compelling items. All of the artifacts were behind glass and a number of gowns had such intense reflections of the fluorescent lighting in the gallery that I could not photograph them. Here are the photos I was able to capture. 

Mama Cass Elliott

Janis Joplin

Loretta Lynn

Cyndi Lauper

Lady  Gaga
(The Meat Dress)

Melissa Etheridge

Donna Summer

Joan Jett

Deborah Harry

Sheila E

Patti Smith

The exhibition from Brenda Lee and Heart all the way to Queen Latifah and Lady Gaga was an instant trip down memory lane. It confirmed that I need to make a trip to Cleveland!

To learn more about the MIM simply click here.

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