Friday, May 9, 2014

Europe 2014

Two Depart - One Returns

I've always encouraged my son and daughter to use the time between college and starting careers and families to see the world.

Well my daughter graduated a few years back and quickly got her career started. But, in true Millennial fashion, her career (as an illustrator for comic books and graphic novels) allows her to work pretty much wherever she wants, whenever she wants.  All she needs is a fast connection to the world wide web.

So Ms. M has decided to go live for the next 6 months in London. 

She has carefully budgeted and planned for the trip and is pretty much all set. The last detail has to wait till we get there - finding a nice room to rent. 

As for me I cashed in enough frequent flier points to fly us over (via Ireland) in business class. Since it was cheaper to fly in and out of Dublin we'll begin with a week driving around Ireland before we fly on the little hop to London.

Then, after a week in London, We'll hug and I'll fly home. 


Ms. M is an adult and has traveled extensively, so I know she'll be just fine, have a great adventure and return filled with wonderful new memories.   

I am, dare I say it, jealous?

After all, she will miss joining the rest of us for another amazing Arizona summer. 

You know that special time.....where we experience nuclear heat, run indoors during the dust storms, all the while dodging blown retreads on the freeway and the frayed nerves of fellow Phoenicians.

Ms. M will return in November. And, lets face it, there aren't many places on earth more perfect than Phoenix in November.

Our Euro-friendly credit cards are on the way and my Global Entry interview is scheduled. Chris is all set to care for the house and the pups have an appointment at the doggie spa. 

So, stay tuned for Roadboy's Ireland and England posts this June.

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