Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Postcard From London

Ms. M Sends Photos

Today I received an e-mail with photos from Ms. M (who has relocated to London until November). She has been visiting both the normal tourist sights (British Museum and the V&A) and some less well known sights such as the Camden and Horse Stable Markets. 

She also went to see the Return of the Rudeboy and Tattoo Exhibits at the Somerset House. 

The Camden Market
(Home of Affordable Vintage Clothing)

Umbrella's at the Camden Market 

The Horse Stable Market

The Horse Stable Market

Make Your Own Designer Ice Cream Bar At Selfridges

Summer at the Somerset House

From the RudeBoy Exhibit

From the Somerset RudeBoy Exhibit

Part of the Somerset Tattoo Exhibit

Flattened Horns in The V&A

A Sneaked Photo of The Bridal Gown Exhibit at the V&A

Part of the Clock and Timepiece Exhibit
At the British Museum

She went to a concert by David Arnold (scored recent Bond Films and the Sherlock theme). She also got to see Martin Freeman (Watson in the New BBC / PBS Masterpiece Series Sherlock) in Richard III. She also has tickets to the Monty Python reunion.

Stay tuned!  As she keeps me posted I'll keep you posted.

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