Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Losing A Friend

Good-Bye Mate

About 15 years ago my family fell in love with a pound puppy. He was so small and all alone in his big cage. He was a curious mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Shepherd. You could also see a little dingo in there if you squinted. 

We loved him immediately. My son gave him a perfect name - Rocket! 

Every night when I returned from the office I'd see his face at the kitchen door waiting for me. And when we'd return from longer family vacations he would be over the moon to see us.

He was loyal and strong. Sometimes he was a little too protective. I'd have to tell little kids on a walk that they couldn't pet him. Either way, our little mid-city Phoenix ranch house never suffered a burglary with Rocket on duty. 

But arthritis and cancer can exact a mean toll on dogs too. And they wore down even tough old Rocket. After a good fight he passed from the tangible world to the spirit world about 9:00 am this morning. But, no spirit that strong ever truly dies.


I once saw a bumper sticker that said "Help Me Be The Person My Dog Thinks I Am". 

I'll keep trying Rocket, but I know I'll never measure up.

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IniquitousFish said...

A lovely tribute.

Anonymous said...

So sorry ... have been through this before myself and know how difficult it is! hugs... cll