Sunday, February 21, 2016

Off to Singapore

The Other Side of the World

Wednesday Roadboy departs for almost three weeks in Singapore.  The trip is 75% business and 25% leisure.

Our office is planning new cutting edge laboratory facilities in Singapore and will be conducting back-to-back planning workshops.

I've opted to arrive a few days early so that I can begin to recover from jet lag, reset my circadian rhythms and get my bearings before participating in our technical workshops. My personal time in Singapore will begin with a day of sleep followed by a little sightseeing.

In between our two weeks of workshops we'll have a weekend to do some more sightseeing. Then at the end of week two (after the rest of my team departs) I'll stay on to spend a couple of additional days exploring before I return home. But then I have to get home as Ms. M then departs Wednesday for her TokyoPop / Popcom book signing tour in Germany.

I'm really looking forward to the work and experiencing Singapore (and I am certainly anticipating the food!)

To help explore various districts in Singapore I've booked myself into a number of hotels.  The first is The Club (a boutique hotel in Chinatown).  It has only 20 rooms.  I will then move on to the classic Hotel Fort Canning (near our client's offices). When the weekend arrives (between workshops) we are splurging on two nights at the amazing Marina Bay Sands (with its spectacular rooftop pool). 

 The 3 Towers of the Marina Bay Sands
(The "Boat" Across the Top of the Three Towers is a Swimming Pool in the Sky)

 Swimming 55 Stories Above Singapore

Sunday evening we return to a business hotel until Thursday when the workshops wrap up. At that point the other members of our team plan to depart.  But I'll remain one more weekend (checking into TripAdvisor's #3 ranked hotel (The Hotel Vagabond) in Singapore's East Indian district.

I am hoping that moving around will provide a more immersive experience with Singapore's distinct neighborhoods.

My flights are Phoenix to LA, LA to Tokyo and Tokyo to Singapore.  Amazingly (at least to me), was the realization that there are currently no direct flights from the US mainland to Singapore (even on Singapore Air).  In June 2016 I understand that United Airlines will launch non-stop service to Singapore.  

I had really hoped to fly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner on this trip, but testimonials all confirm that coach in United and American's 787's are configured to resemble the seventh pit of hell.

So I'm opting to fly Singapore Airlines.  This will also be my first flight on this highly rated airline. It will also be my first flight on an Airbus 380 (the double decker). I am testing out Singapore's new Premium Economy class.

Stay tuned!

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PingPing said...

Hello roadboy ! Lovely to learn that you will be flying to Singapore and staying with us in hotel vagabond. Do email me when convenient for you ( and would love to say hello and learn more about your travels :)
Many thanks,
PingPing (Ms)