Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Roadboy Visits Galveston

New Orleans Lite

This weekend I visited Galveston Texas as part of my firm's annual partners retreat.  

Since this was a business trip I had little time to go exploring this amazing city. But a Couple of evening strolls left me committed to a return when I can spend more time.

First off the weather was amazing. The legendary humidity was low, temperatures were perfect and there were zero obnoxious college spring breakers anywhere to be found.

My walk through a few historic neighborhoods and around the Strand, sort of left me feeling like Galveston is New Orleans Lite.

Its history as a city began after the pirate Jean Lafitte left. Incorporated in 1839 the city joined the Confederacy and suceeded from the US. After the Civil War it flourished as a major port until the cataclysmic 1900 Hurricane swept through claiming 6,000 lives.  Although the giant seawall was built after the hurricane to offer protection from subsequent storm surges, the city retains that sense of fragility found in many coastal cities. 

Causeway Sunset
The Tall Ship Elissa 

We opted for a stay in the Tremont House (part of the Wyndham chain).  The Hotel Galvez Resort is a sister property to the Tremont (so Tremont guests have full pool and spa privileges at the Galvez).

The Tremont House
Mardi Gras Portal 

 Galveston Electric Service
The Black Pearl

Tso Optical

Star Drug

The Martini Theater
(Closed for 38 Years) 

 The Martini 1937

 Some Window Shopping

High Tide Sculpture
(Charles Parks)
"No Parking"
Illuminated Alley Bike

Alley Bike 

 Painted Lady Style Homes
Reminiscent of the Garden District in New Orleans

Great gumbo and seafood, comfortable hotels / inns, a wealth of history rich buildings in various states of restoration and decay, museums, galleries, beautiful sunsets plus a perfect mix of funk.

Simply put Galveston is a treasure. 

Till we meet again!

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