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Roadboy Visits Muir Woods

Thanks Grandma!

When I was a kid my grandmother told me how much she loved making weekend trips to Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods. We made a day trip to see it and I loved our walk through the majestic grove of redwoods.

 Entry Into Muir Woods

Now a half century later a friend suggested we visit Muir Woods once again. I did a little research and realized that due to its popularity visits today require some logistics. Crowds throng to the grove where they soon discover the Monument offers completely inadequate parking facilities.

To avoid all that we opted for a private tour.  We were picked up from our hotel promptly at 7:15 am on a rainy Saturday morning. We had a spectacular drive over the Golden Gate arriving before the crowds. We spent about 2 hours walking through the towering redwoods. 

 The Hillside Trail

Lush Undergrowth #1

Redwood Creek Rushes in Spring

Another View of Redwood Crrek

 Rain Becomes Sun
The Forest

More Lush Undergrowth

Muir Woods has quite a history:

The Bohemian Club builds a summer encampment, complete with a huge Buddha (based on the Great Buddha at Kamakura), in the Grove that would later come to be called the Bohemian Grove.  

William Kent and his wife Elizabeth Thatcher Kent buy 613 acres including what would become Muir Woods.

Congress passes the Antiquities Act giving the President the power to establish National Monuments by Proclamation.

The City of Sausalito attempts to take Muir Woods by eminent domain with the goal of damming Redwood Creek. The Kents donate 295 acres to the United States.

President Theodor Roosevelt declares Muir Woods the America's seventh National Monument. It is the first national monument comprised of donated land. 

Congressman William Kent introduces a bill in congress to establish the National Park Service. 

A road is built to Muir Woods.

The Golden Gate bridge is completed and the number of park visitors triples. 

The founding delegates meet in San Francisco to sign the charter establishing the United Nations. As part of the ceremonies a redwood tree was dedicated in the Cathedral Grove to Franklin D Roosevelt.

During our visit the rain showers turned to sun so we then made a short trip to nearby Muir Beach (which was spectacular). 

 Muir Beach

Muir Beach
 Blooms at the Beach

After leaving Muir Beach ended out tour in Sausalito (passing the bazillions of cars that were now all making their way to the woods). 

 Sausalito's Iconic Fountain

From Sausalito we caught a ferry back to San Francisco's Ferry Building where it was time for lunch. 

 Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge Viewed From The Ferry Ride  Back to SF
I always forget how restorative it is to walk in nature. 

What you need to know:
1. Take a tour. For a tour I'd highly recommend click here.
2. If you must drive your own car arrive before 9:00 am.
2. There is a bus in summer from Sausalito, but it seems to register negative reviews.
3. Go to Muir Beach

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