Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Amish Market

A Find in the Lower West Side

I have a project in New York City and spent a couple of days there last week. While there are seemingly millions of cool little places to sit and nosh in Manhattan, I took a tip from my client and made my way to the Amish Market (I think there are four in and around NYC).

First off it is indeed a market and featured very fresh produce, a full selection of meats and a whole bunch of unique packaged foods.  But what I liked the most was its deli.  There was a superb hot and cold food bar selling everything from lamb curry, to hummus, to fresh berries. All sold by the pound. There was a wood fired oven (I had a very tasty stromboli), and a full service hot food line serving everything from steaks to seafood.  There was even a salad bar where they made up fresh salads to order.

I finished it off with a big bag of green apple Australian licorice for later. I'm addicted to the soft aussie stuff.    

I go back for a full week in NYC later this month.  Its been years since I've visited Manhattan and I have to admit that besides being wicked cold, it was absolutely lovely.  Expect some more updates.

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