Monday, August 17, 2009

Air Force One

A Source of Pride

Just a quick post tonight. I flew out of Sky Harbor Sunday night and just as our flight was about to leave the gate our pilot come on to inform us that the airport was temporarily closed to due to imminent arrival of Air Force One.

I was flabbergasted when a groan went up from a few passengers in the cabin. It seemed that some of them were genuinely put out that they were going to have to wait 20 minutes or so to take off. I even overheard one nitwit complaining that the president should be in Washington, not taking his family on vacations to the Grand Canyon.

It made me think.

First off, I still get all goose bumpy seeing Air Force One. Damn it is beautiful.

Second, imagine how the two or three passengers in uniform feel. They are putting their lives on the line for us at the direction of their commander-in-chief who rides in that aircraft, yet their fellow passengers feel imposed upon at the prospect of a brief delay.

Third, Air Force One is the embodiment of everything our country stands for. It is elegant and graceful. Yet, it is powerful. It is the best plane, flown by the best pilots. It symbolizes our collective hopes and aspirations to the whole world as it travels in times of peace or in times of war.

I also realize I LOVE the fact that our president is taking his kids to see the Grand Canyon. It is one of the few places on this earth that even the most jaded human being cannot view without experiencing complete jaw dropping awe.

If we lose our sense of awe, then we risk losing our understanding of what life itself is all about. More importantly we may come to question why our country is worth every last measure of our care and protection.

That plane and its constantly changing occupants embodies the magic of our country. It reminds us that only democracy regularly allows for the peaceful transition of power based solely on our right to vote.

Air Force One
Touching Down on Runway 2 Eight

Taking a delay to catch a glimpse of Air Force One? Use that time to count your blessings.

Course I still think everyone can grow up to be president.

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