Monday, September 21, 2009

A Hometown Favorite

A Wine Bar and Cafe Infused With A Latin Beat

Update: 7-27-2012

Sadly Bomberos' Closed in 2011 The latin heartbeat is sorely missed. Still hoping to see Oscar re-emerge in a new venue.

In the meantime the little gem that was created by Bombero's has been further updated and is a new wine bar with a new wood fired oven. They are continuing the tradition of creating amazing exceptional food. It is called Timo's

Perfect place to go if you want to impress someone by introducing them to this almost hidden, yet very cool, little restaurant! Great Sunday brunch too. 

See you there!

For a road warrior like me it is important to make the effort to be home every weekend. Weekends allow me to recharge. I walk the mutts and wash old cars (my zen).

Weekends are my time to relax, read the paper, sip some yuppie coffee, and enjoy a light lunch or dinner.

Now, as my readers know, I hate formulaic chain restaurants. I seek out local coffee bars and routinely ping Trip Advisor or Zagat for restaurant recommendations in each new city.

Sorry Applebee's and Starbuck's but I'm sooooo sick of you I could just urp.

So when I'm home in Phoenix on the weekends I tend to return to my favorite places. Like most big cities, Phoenix is blessed with great local and ethnic restaurants. Be it Greek, Indian, Cuban, Asian, or Latin. We now have everything from hole-in-the-wall dives to lovely little gems.

Me, I go back over and over to El Bravo for Mexican, Mazies for brunch, and for the times before, after, or in-between, we go to Bombero's.

Bombero's Wine Bar and Cafe is Located at the top of Central Avenue in North Central Phoenix's eclectic Sunnyslope neighborhood. This is a spot worth a detour when you visit Phoenix.

A Big Latte in the Morning
(The Owner's Beloved Vespa still licensed in Montevideo is in the background!)

Bombero's is housed in an old fire station ("Bombero" is Spanish for fireman). The Owner is from Uruguay and loves to introduce guests to his favorite South American wines.

Seating for Individuals and Groups

Behind Bombero's is its beautiful little garden. The garden is pet friendly, has comfy seating, live music at night, and is a perfect place to come and just sit for hours.

The Gardens

Bubbling Fountains in Summer
Warm Firepits in Winter

Table Made of Found Objects

Bombero's is where you go with someone you really love to sit and talk with.

It is the perfect place to linger over coffee or sample some surprising and wonderful South American wines.

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