Monday, September 28, 2009

San Diego's Best Waterfront Restaurant

Update September 2015
Island Prime is still wonderful. Better yet, it is all fully renovated digs!

Perfect Food, Perfect Staff, Perfect View
(Oh, and Free Parking!)

I am a Zonie.

For those that need some translation a Zonie is the term used by San Diego residents to describe the zillions of Arizona desert rats that invade its beaches each summer to escape the heat.

Like all Zonie's if I ever win the lottery I will buy a home in San Diego. Till then (lets assume forever), I will just have to make my annual treks to lotus land and enjoy its perfect views and awesome weather.

Like all Zonies I return over and over to my favorite places. This trip we went to a great show at Humphrey's and took a stroll in Balboa Park. We ate Kalbi ribs at Dakines and had a big classic breakfast at Hob Nob Hill. Most trips we make at lest one pilgrimage to Point Loma Seafoods (bring cash - they still don't take plastic - they close early and there is always a wait).

But after many visits I've concluded my hands down favorite place to eat is Island Prime.

Views Just Don't Get Better Than This

Set on pilings at the tip of Harbor Island (I have actually walked here from the airport) this place has everything. At lunch they serve terrific food in the "C" Level Lounge. At dinner they ramp it up and feature an even more incredibly creative menu. The place while elegant, is not at all pretentious. They seem to cultivate friendly servers that genuinely enjoy serving you. At lunch you can enjoy lobster truffle mac and cheese, a blackened prime rib french dip, and some deep fried artichoke hearts on the side. The portions are perfect.

Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese for Lunch

At dinner chef Deborah Scott delivers specialties like short ribs, crusted river scallops, and every possible cut of steak. All can be accompanied by Alaskan king crab if you feel really adventurous (and rich)!

The Main Dining Room

Put this restaurant on the "Definite" list for any special occasion you plan to spend in San Diego.

OK Lets sum it up.

No place has better food.

No place has nicer staff.

No place has a more spectacular view.

And did I mention it has free parking?

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