Thursday, October 8, 2009

Police Chiefs, Chicago, and Crisp Fall Days

Time to Enjoy Fall and Time to Move On

This week was productive, but sorta grueling for me. I spent Sunday to Tuesday in Denver attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention. With thousands of police executives from around the world, I'd have to guess Denver was the probably the safest city in North America this week!

The Convention Center Bear Checking In

And, as always, Denver was beautiful and its citizens were gracious. Denver also staged one heck of a party on Tuesday night.

The Chief's Host Party in Denver

Note the Donut....

Chilly nights have returned to the Mile High City. Nature casts no doubt that snow will soon fall. I only wish I could have spent some time up in the mountains as this is the time of the year when the aspen's turn gold and their leaves literally shimmer with each breeze that passes.

After departing Denver I travelled on to Chicago to attend an American Institute of Architects conference.

This has been a hard week for Chicago. It would have been such a great host to the world for the Olympics. But, that is not to be.

Despite the pathetic spin the media has made out of it, the folks around here all get it. They know they would have done a great job and they are happy for Rio. Chicago knows that no one likes a sore loser, and this most amazing City of Big Shoulders is sure as hell not the kind of place that stops to sulk.

Instead, Chicago is enjoying a beautiful fall. Downtown streets are clean, the Art Institute is still free on Thursday nights, the planters on Michigan Avenue are still blooming, and the fountains in Millennium Park are still bubbling.

Soon snow will come here too, the plants will go dormant, and the fountains will hibernate till spring.

The North Bridge In The Chicago River At Night

American Gothic on Steroids

In the meantime, Chicago residents will still walk with purpose, the tourists will still look up, and the cabs will still honk a nanosecond before the signal lights change.

I love this city.

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