Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ka-Pow Goes the Converter

The Joys of International Voltages

Bonjour from Roadboy and Miss M!

Well the little international voltage device I have went "pop!" and power does not seem to be flowing correctly to my laptop...

Battery life is draining.


So I will be seeking new devices to fix it, but will postpone Roadboy updates to preserve my battery.

Wonderful flight (very cool US Airway's Envoy lay flat beds!)

Envoy Business Class Cocoon

Update June 2014
Well (sadly) due to the merger with American, the US Airways Envoy designation has quietly disappeared. Envoy is now simply "Business Class". The pride and extra touches found when it started have faded as well. Amenity kits are minimal. Dinner menu's are dashed out and collected as fast as possible (sometimes even before the plane has taken off). The "Envoy" Lounge at Philadelphia has downgraded to just another US Airways club. Goodbye tapenade, hummus and luxury snacks, hello trail mix and crackers. They now limit you to 1 free drink (by voucher - only if you remember to ask for one - since the club greeters are typically too busy chatting with each other to remember to offer drink vouchers). 

On a recent flight back from Dublin US Airways made a last minute aircraft substitution (they overbooked the original flight was scheduled with lay-flat pods - so they substituted an older 767 with conventional Business class seats). The family of 4 sitting by me (that had paid full fare with the understanding they'd get the lay flat pods) was pretty steamed.  

Alright back to original post......

Hotel is beautiful! Had great dinner of street panini's. Took a very nice walk up the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe and then along the Avenue Haussmann (big stores) to the Garnier Opera and embassy district yesterday. Light rain overcast. Very doable for walking.

Hotel is Walking Distance for the Arc de Triomphe!

We are now dealing with jet lag. Flopped over in our chairs at 5 PM Paris time. Wide awake at 1 AM.

Tomorrow the Louvre!


Love to all.

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