Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Pre-Trip

Roadboy Packs for A Winter's Trip to Europe

Sometimes the preparation leading up to big trip is daunting. Call the credit card companies to alert them to travel plans. Make two weeks of dog food for the dogs before they go to Brandon's doggie spa. Call the security monitor company. Tell clients that I will be out. Add a new message to the cell phone for when they forget. Sign checks at the office. Get a new passport belt. Pay bills. Remember a spare pair of glasses. Print out duplicates of our itinerary. 

The weather is cold so the suitcase will have wool pants and sweaters as well as a pair of good durable shoes. Yes, my beloved white cross trainers, that instantly identify us to pickpockets as tourists (targets), will await my return at home in the closet. 

Some people take trips as spontaneous events (no hotel reservations, itinerary left unscripted). Others plan every minute with military precision snuffing out any chance of spontaneity.

My goal is to be somewhere in between. I want to plan just enough. Enough to make the trip as safe as possible and avoid wasted time. 

After that it is my hope a trip will take on a personality of its own. 

Months of detail now culminates in anticipation. This assures a sleepless night. Not sure if that will help or hinder our inevitable bout of let jag....

And finally we must see if some new storm will put our flight connection in Philadelphia at risk (sure did last year....).

Roadboy's next post will be from Paris - the City of Lights!

Hold down the fort!

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IniquitousFish said...

The more you talk about jetlag the more tired I get.