Saturday, September 3, 2011

Arrivederci Montestigliano

Leaving A Perfect Place

This post is a bookend. I posted when we arrived at Montestigliano, so it seemd appropriate to post again as we left.

Roadboy spends more than 140 nights a year in a hotel. 

Just roll that around in your head a bit - more than 140 nights a year in hotel rooms.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining since most of my travel is work related and a hotel stay equals gainful employment. 

And travel means I see new places and constantly meet new people. I love that. 

The downside, well I miss my loved ones, friends, and uber cute pups waiting for me at home in Phoenix.

Once in awhile when traveling for fun or work I get to stay in amazing places and this trip to Italy has been one of those times. My friend Robert arranged it all (for which I am very grateful as the organizing part normally falls to me.)

For this trip he rented a villa on the Montestigliano Estate in Tuscany (just outside of Siena.) The villa we stayed in was the oldest and largest on the estate; Villa Donati. It is hundreds of years old. It is spacious and all the beds are new. Everyone shares bathrooms. At night we had a few bees and mosquito's that ventured in. We also had a black cat that found her way in almost every night.

There was no television. There was no microwave. There was a washer, but clothes had to be line dried outside. 

Yet despite a few inconveniences, the stay was just wonderful. There were two magnificent swimming pools. There were delicious meals cooked by the resident chef using the Montestigiano Estate's own olive oil. There were views every direction. And everywhere you look were the colors of Tuscany ever changing as the sun rose or set.

This place was amazingly relaxing. I highly recommend it. In fact, I'm doing something I've never done before - adding a weblink to a specific property on this blog.

The estate only books for one week stays and there are numerous villa's of differing sizes, but for a family, special event, or reunion of special friends, this is a place that cannot be beat.

A few more more photos of Montestigliano. 

The Donati Family Villa
(Guarded Meticulously by a Grey Striped Tabby)

A Tree Lined Road On The Estate

A View From The Courtyard

The Sun Rises Over the Surrounding Hills

The Courtyard And Estate Offices
(Where Check-in and Cooking Classes Take Place)

A Fantasy of Tuscan Colors

Our Host and Chef Discuss The Superb Villa Dinner

It was so hard to leave Montestigliano this morning to make my way back to Venice. But, I have a lovely free day Sunday to explore at leisure one of the world's most amazing cities. Monday I make my way to Marco Polo airport to start my journey home.

To my friends from the villa. Godspeed till we meet again!

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