Friday, September 2, 2011

Seeing Tuscany By Bicycle

So Much To See - So Little Shoulder

Today was a day I had really looked forward to. I jumped on a rented, yet very nice, Scott mountain bike and set out to tour at road level.

The route selected was probably about 14km and wound up including a few hills. But gravity provides the benefit of downhills for every hill climbed.

We pedaled past the town of Stigliano and made a first stop in Torri. There we walked into the amazing and well tended community graveyard. There were numerous loved ones caring for graves. Many graves are protected by extensive marble stonework. Most had photos of the loved one. Some were even equipped with electrically operated "flames".

The Well Tended Graves of Torri

We then pedalled up the beautiful cypress lined entrance road leading to the village itself. The cloister and church (and I assume the town itself) dates back to about 1000 AD and was updated in the 13th Century.

The Road to Torri

A Small B&B In Torri

We stopped here first as the lovely little cloister is only available for viewing until noon most days. The interior is designed as a protected arcade with protected views to gardens on two sides.

The Cloister's Internal Arcade 
with Stonework Reminiscent of the Siena's Duomo 

A View From The Cloister

 The Church in Torri

We then rode to Rosia and risked life and limb from the kamikaze drivers screaming past us on the narrow roads as we left town and began to climb hills.

We spent a little time having cokes in a very nice little restaurant in Sovicille. The stop was very much needed. We then rode down the hill to the flat farm land filled with acres of spent sunflowers waiting to be plowed under 

Biking Bliss - Tuscan Style

Sunflowers Everywhere

I can't think of a better way to spend a day in this spectacular place. Now if they could just add a few inches on either side of the highways I'd feel much better.

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