Saturday, March 31, 2012

$24 Billion in Shame

A Bargain....

Rant Warning....
I always try to avoid politics in my little blog. But, in an era when America suffers from a higher infant mortality rate than many of the far less developed countries I visit, I find sad irony in the focus of many of our elected officials.

Yesterday many of the same senators who still complain bitterly about auto industry loans (now being repaid with interest) eagerly extended $24 Billion dollars in tax breaks (gifts) to the most profitable big oil companies in America.

Gifts to an industry whose CEO's freely admit they no longer need them. Gifts that both President's Bush and Obama agree should be stopped.

As many Americans continue to seek work and families continue to lose their homes, they can take solace in the fact that the senators listed below just gave another $24 billion of your future away. For the curious, it means every family of 4 in the United States just gave big oil (another) $300. 

And, talk about a shrewd investment! It only cost big oil $56,000,000 in political contributions to the folks below to perpetuate this windfall!

Lamar Alexander TN
Kelley Ayotte NH
John Barrasso WY
Mark Begich AK
Roy Blunt MO
John Boozman AR
Scott Brown MA
Richard Burr NC
Saxby Chambliss GA
Daniel Coats IN
Tom Coburn OK
Thad Cochran MS
Bob Corker TN
John Cornyn TX
Mike Crapo ID
Jim DeMint SC
Michael Enzi WY
Lindsey Graham SC
Chuck Grassley IA
Dean Heller NV
John Hoeven ND
Kay Bailey Hutchison TX
James Imhofe OK
Johnny Isakson GA
Mike Johanns NE
Ron Johnson WI
John Kyl AZ
Mary Landrieu LA
Mike Lee UT
Richard Lugar IN
John McCain AZ
Mitch MConnell KY
Jerry Moran KS
Lisa Murkowski AK
Ben Nelson NE
Rand Paul KY
Robert Portman OH
James Risch ID
Pat Roberts KS
Marco Rubio FL
Jeff Sessions AL
Richard Shelby AL
John Thune SD
David Vitter LA
Jim Webb VA
Roger Wicker MS

If you meet one of these folks give them a napkin to wipe the oil off their noses.

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IniquitousFish said...

An important thing to bring to attention. Thank you!