Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Citrus Blossom Time

The Fragrance of Spring

For those lucky enough to live in or visit The Valley of the Sun in March or April, you will get a lot more than just sunshine and Cactus League baseball, you will get the chance to inhale the true scent of heaven. 

For this is the time of year when all of our abundant citrus trees bloom filling the air with a perfume reminiscent of jasmine.

What makes it even nicer is the temperatures are perfect to leave the windows open all night. So we wake to the house smelling fragrant and refreshed.

I suppose as the citrus orchards recede a little more each year, I must anticipate an end to this annual event. 

But for now...... 

I'll bask in the sensory overload that is spring in Phoenix.

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