Thursday, October 18, 2012

DCA Renovations

Hold Everything!

Today I had to wait 4 hours at DC's National Airport. Now, I should preface this by saying that (aside from its totally psycho highway access), once you get to DCA the US Airways section is one of my favorite airports. It is spacious, light, and airy. It has nice shops, a good variety of restaurants and has excellent connections to the DC Metro.


Today they were doing some restroom renovations in the main terminal. And the renovations have lame signage.

All the main terminal signs provide no hint that the restrooms are closed for renovation.

So, when you arrive they are covered in plywood with an arrow saying "go that way". When you get to the next one. Yep! It's covered in plywood with another arrow that says "go that way". When you get to the next one. Hallelujah it is open! I walk in and overuse has resulted in it being both full and filthy. I've now walked the full length of the terminal. I figure I'll just go upstairs. 

Wait for it.

Yes, indeed! The first restroom I come to upstairs is.......

Covered in plywood with another arrow that says "go that way".  So I'm now walking the other way upstairs. The next restroom I come to is - you are good! Covered in plywood with another arrow that says "go that way". When I reach the extreme end of the terminal I find the last restroom upstairs is open I literally squeal!

It is, of course, filled with airport employees who know it is one of only two restrooms open.

So I wait.

When I was a kid once in awhile in the library you'd find some book that someone would have written a note saying "go to this or that page". When you got there, another note would direct you somewhere else. This would continue on and on until you finally arrived at the last page where you'd be greeted by the "F" bomb.

Today National Airport did the same thing to a weary road warrior slowly towing his luggage on wheels.

Please, National, next time, just put a map showing exactly where the ONLY two open restrooms are located.

I know that somewhere in the bowels of DCA is some fat guy in a chair with all the rubber worn off the armrests watching a tv monitor yelling "Hey, Chuckie, we got us another walker!"

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