Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Wi-Fi Comes to LAX!

Today's Lesson: Happy Flyers 101

Over the years I have been amazed at the number of airports that claim to be "friendly" but then seem to charge exorbitant prices for everything. $6 Big Macs, $6 Starbucks, and $9.95 for an hour of internet hot spot services.

Some (like IAD Dulles) advertise "mall" pricing in stores and cafes (which is appreciated) and many airports now boast free internet. I contend there is no one single thing more appreciated by a modern road warrior than smooth functioning free airport internet! 

Of course "free" can also be an empty gesture if it is impossible to log on to or takes days to load a single page (Yeah, I'm talking to you Charlotte...). But most times with a little wait I can get logged on in Seattle's SeaTac, Phoenix's Sky Harbor, Salt Lake City, Portland, and sometimes....Charlotte.

Airports that are/were Wi-Fi unfriendly: all the DC airports, Saint Louis Lambert Field, Chicago O'Hare, and LAX. In LA Long Beach offered free WI-Fi (and it, like Burbank, is really a cute, old fashioned little airport!).

So I'm delighted to be writing this today on free Wi-Fi from LAX's Terminal 1. 

When I booted up I found a airport wi-fi portal and it gave various pricing options (including "free" if I'd watch a video.) It connected right up without any advertisement!

I noted at 60 minutes I was kicked off and had to reboot. But it was fast and much appreciated!

So much bad news for travelers this week, I'm happy to report some good news!

Thank you LAX! 

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