Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Seeing the World

Feeding My Designer Eyewear Fetish

Update 9-2013
OK so I bought a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses. Quality is exceptional. Price was $150 for the glasses (frames and lenses)! The frames I wanted were a special edition and when I attempted to place my order on the internet the site kept locking up. 

I completed the purchase on the phone. The call resulted in being informed that a feature the internet requires was unnecessary for sunglasses (saved me $50)! Follow-up service was great. My advice is give these folks a try.  

Original Post.....
I love to travel and see the world. And to see the world I wear increasingly complex prescription eyewear. 

When I was young I wore contacts. They didn't steam up in the extreme cold and I could complement them with cool sunglasses. For reasons too boring to discuss I cannot wear contacts anymore, so I tend to obsess about my glasses. 

Anyway, in earlier posts I mentioned Ottica Carraro a shop in Venice that meticulously designs, crafts (in Italy) and sells its acetate and rubber eyewear at remarkable prices.

Websurfing tonight, I came across Warby Parker a domestic company that sells exceptionally well designed acetate and titanium eyewear with lenses for ridiculously low prices.*

So click....Warby Parker

And think about it, with the $400 you save over designer frames, you are halfway to a trip somewhere! 

Here's to seeing more of the world in 2013!

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*Alas   :-(   I see Warby Parker's glasses are actually made in China. 

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