Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Over 30,000 Roadboy Hits!

Well I start 2013 passing a happy new milestone. Roadboy's Travels now consistently averages well over 1,000 hits a month with a total that has zipped past 30,000 hits (since the summer of 2009 when blogger added its little hit counter.)

So what is ahead in 2013 for Roadboy? 

Well I'm tossing around a whole bunch of ideas. Maybe Istanbul and/or the Greek Isles. There would be the advantage here to stop in and visit a friend's archeological investigation site in Cypress.

I'd sure like to see the cloud forest and volcanoes of Costa Rica. Then there is Machu Pichu.... 

I pine for a visit to Buenos Aires with a side trip to Mendoza to sample those awesome Malbecs! And, of course, there is Iguazu Falls. And, while in the neighborhood, Hmmm, Patagonia.

I would very much like to visit my roots in Ireland and Scotland. And it has been a long time since I visited beautiful Vienna....

Any offer to return to England, Spain and/or Portugal would be greatly appreciated. France or Italy? Just ask, I'm packed already.

Maybe a cruise? Lately I've seen some cruise deals that price out cheaper than staying home....

In between I've got a whole slew of business related trips on tap for 2013 (yahoo! racking up those frequent flier points!)

There's an exciting project on Alabama's exquisite Gulf Coast. I will be taking many trips to the DC area - with some welcome detours to stately Richmond VA! That suggests a side trip to a new EOC / 911 center well underway in the Tidewater.

There will be (I sure hope) a trip (or three) to the City of Big Shoulders! Sweetening the deal is the fact that Chicago now hosts a stage edition of The Book of Mormon.

I will be welcoming new clients in California in four different locations up and down the Golden State.

And, of course, I won't forget my friends in beautiful and wonderfully caffeinated Seattle!

In 2013 our elegant and highly sustainable new police and fire HQ in Salt Lake City will cease being a construction site and become the well deserved home for many of the heroes we refer to as "first responders" serving Salt Lake City!

So some trips to SLC are in store.

A Winter Sunset Over North Central Phoenix!

Yes indeed, so much to do and only 12 months given to us in each calendar year!

So, from my little mid-century rancher in the Valley of the Sun, Roadboy says "Here's to 2013!" 

Oh the places we will go!

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