Monday, February 9, 2015

Euro 2015 Arriving in Madrid

Day's 1 & 2
The Royal Palace, Prado and the Museo ABC

This visit to Madrid was all too brief.  Arrived at 8:15 AM Sunday and immediately went to visit a little museum specializing in Illustration and Design Museo ABC. I knew it would be closed on Monday, so we put it in the hopper to do first. 

We found it on a little side street and spent an hour or so looking at its vintage collection of Blanc et Negro Magazine Covers and a lovely temporary display of Benjamin Thompson's colorful Madame Butterfly illustrations. It is just a lovely little 6 story museum that will be of interest to comic book artists and illustrators all crafted from the circa 1900 Mahou brewery. 

Museo ABC

Madame Butterfly 1
(Benjamin Thompson)

Madame Butterfly 2
(Benjamin Thompson)

Example of Turn-of-the Century Illustration

Example of Deco Era Illustration

Just loved the Character of this One

After a little walking it was time to return to the hotel and suffer night one of jet lag. Crashed at 8:00 PM awakened at 10:00 PM now wide awake....

Just stayed put and the finally re-awakened dead tired at 9:00 AM.

Had a wonderful breakfast, and looking around the restaurant realized it had to be fashion week in madrid. The whole dining room was full of 6' tall, size zero models. 

The day was filled with sun and a slight chill. A totally lovely day for walking around a beautiful city. We began with a visit to the Royal Palace. I was surprised how much the tour route has been changed since my last visit. The Crown room is now on display, complete with the June 18, 2014 King Juan Carlos abdication documents. 

Ceiling of the Grand Reception Stairway 
Palacio Real Madrid

Then it was off to the Mercado San Miguel for Tapas and a visit to the Prado (which was open till 8:00 PM!).

Finished a full day with a nice fresh mozzarella panini for dinner and it was time once again to face an evening rewiring my circadian rhythms.

Tomorrow we depart for Paris.    

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