Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sacre Coeur and Montmarte

DayS 6-7

Short little post on the last full day in Paris. It was a Saturday so families were out enjoying the partly cloudy day as well. Paris is a very family oriented city with lots of open space for kids to kick balls and just hang out.

Part of the day was spent walking the tallest hill in Paris looking for some souvenirs and just joining the crowds visiting the beautiful Basilica of Sacre Coeur.

Montmarte Weekends 

By Parisian standards this monumental church is relatively new being completed after WWI. It is very well cared for. In fact its windows were removed during WWII to assure the stained glass would not be damaged.

Sacre Coeur*

Got one photo from inside as well......not supposed to do that as they like to sell you postcards.

With the sun running and hiding behind clouds the cityscape views were even a bit more interesting  than usual.  

View from Sacre Coeur 

That night was spent packing and preparing for the Eurostar chunnel train trip to London St. Pancras on Sunday.

Awaiting Boarding Time for the EuroStar

My last on the Eurostar was probably about 15 years ago. Back then the trains embarked from Waterloo station and were all new. This trip the trains were fast, timely and showing a lot of wear and tear etc.

Next post will be from London.

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* Photo thanks to Scott

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