Sunday, August 2, 2015

Matrimonial Travel Encounters

Stumbling Into Something Special

OK first things first. I am not a wedding crasher. 

But when I travel now and then I find myself sort of a wedding voyeur.

And last weeks blog post in Seattle made me think about how many times I've just found myself stopping in my tracks to enjoy (from a courteous distance of course) a little piece of some couple's very special day.

 Bride At Swan Lake 
Singapore Botanical Gardens

I mean thinking about it, it makes perfect sense that visiting the world's most wonderful places naturally intersects with the same places people choose for their weddings.

There were three elaborate and elegant weddings in Tokyo's magnificent Yoyogi Park on one very hot and steamy day in June.


I Admit Having to Catch my Breath 
at the Beauty of this Brides Wedding Kimono 
Or a nearly four hour Hindu wedding filled with symbolism in North Carolina.

There was a lovely wedding where the bride and groom sat on a beach facing the ocean in Costs Rica.

Their was the chance sighting of perhaps the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever seen in a little campo in Venice.

Pure Venetian Elegance

And, there was also watching a wedding party as they await the bride and groom to emerge from City Hall in Siena's Piazza del Campo.

And, yes, in Tuscany they still throw rice!

 And, of course, those delightful staged wedding photo's in London and Seattle.

All perfectly juxtuposed with Las Vegas' "World Famous" antidote for beauty.

The more I travel, the more I realize that much of the magic of travel is simply taking the time to enjoy all those things that we never set out to see.

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