Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hold My Hand - Let's Jump!

Reflections on Risk

I am risk averse.

Always have been. 

As a kid playing hide and seek I was the annoying one waiting patiently for "It" to give up and call "olly olly oxen free". Running to base was a risk.

Luckily my life has been filled with people who have been willing to give me a nudge now and then. Usually accompanied by "what the hell are you waiting for?". Frequently others could better see my potential than I could. Luckily they've provoked me into the best things that ever happened in my life.  These people came at the right time and simply said "hold my hand - lets jump!"

Looking back some of the risks were pretty big. Squeezing my cat into my already stressed little green Mazda GLC and bouncing my way to Alaska at the age of 25.

Next came the leapfrogging past seasoned architects to assume the top leadership spot in my firm about 10 years earlier than I had mentally planned for it - seemed risky.

Then, chucking the safety of that firm to move to a new state and start my own architectural practice (at the height of a recession) - also scary.

But, in all of my biggest decisions, there was someone encouraging me to look within. Frequently, there was someone willing to join me in my journey.

Through it all I learned that I can do most that I set out to do. And, that every journey goes better when someone takes your hand and says "Let's Jump!"

Now as I find myself huffing and puffing at activities that used to be so easy, and waiting a bit longer for minor injuries to heal and learning about compatriots that are passing away, I just realize there is so much stuff I still want to do and so many places I still want to see.

I realize there is simply no time in this life to waste.

So Roadboy's advice is simple. Stay restless and don't sit around wishing for the things to happen. Go ahead and jump!

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