Thursday, September 10, 2015

Normandy By Bicycle

History, Great Food and a Sore Butt

Roadboy departs Friday September 11 for France.  

Yes, 6 months ago I cashed in lots of FFM to get a business class seat to Paris.  And, as always with the "New American" it was a challenge. They will eagerly sell you those points, but heaven help anyone that attempts to actually cash 'em in.

And since booking the trip the "New American" has rejigged my flights over and over. The latest change cancelled the one sorta direct flight I had back to Phoenix. And, GUESS WHAT!? all the changes result in new added leg via a new routing that adds hours of layovers all now sending me to WAIT FOR IT! ............DFW!

The New American's old love child.

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Philadelphia. 

I'll overnight in Paris joining friends for a nice dinner cruise on the Seine. We get up early Sunday to meet our rep's from Vermont Bike Tours who will shuttle us to Normandy and get us fitted with our bikes. First stop is Bayeau.  

Over the next few days we'll pedal and sightsee (and shed some tears) with visits to Omaha Beach.  Our tour wraps up with a visit to Mont St. Michel and a shuttle back to Charles De Gaulle. I will fly EasyJet to Milan to spend a couple of days at Milan's Expo 2015 Italy's food themed World's Fair.  Then it is back to Paris to begin my (amazingly circuitous) journey home. Hopefully a few pounds lighter and likely with a sore tush.

Ms. M gets a big hug for caring for planet earth's most dermatologically challenged canine.

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