Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Your Future Hotel

Citizen's Unite!

I've been interested in trying out some of the new concept hotels emerging lately. So this summer, while visiting the Milan Expo, I tried Marriott's new Moxie. And, then upon return to Paris CDG, tried the Citizen M.

The Moxie was a bit of a disappointment. It is just a cutesy Marriott double take on the Sheraton Aloft. Small rooms complete with a big graphic of a couple jumping on a bed wearing motorcycle helmets and little else. The rooms lack phones, drawers, safes and closets. All in all, without some enhancements Moxie is not a brand I'll seek out again.

The Citizen M was a different story.

Citizen M is a new little hotel that makes a very serious attempt to re-imagine a perfect overnight space for a solo traveler.

It hits the concept out of the park.

When you enter don't go looking for a reception desk. You check yourself in at a little stand-up merry-go-round of computers. It could use a big sign saying "hey check yourself in here!" I walked right past it thinking it was just a bunch of self-serve guest access computers. But a kind staff member tapped me and said they'd love to help me check-in.

The computer takes you step-by-step through check-in calling up your reservation, confirming your e-mail (for the check out paperwork), how to make your room keys (which have little straps to become luggage tags).

The place feels secure (the elevator requires your room key to activate). 

Like Moxie, the room is small. In fact, it is really small. The king sized bed hits the walls on three sides (pity the maids who have to make the beds each day).

Hallway Carpeting is an Aerial Map of Paris
(Note: The "Business Citizen" portrayed at the end of the hallway)

The Lav/Frig. Unit is on the Left
The Obscure Glass Shower / Toilet Pod is on the Right

The Bed
(Note: Two adults sleeping here = the adult by the window must climb over the other for a nocturnal visit to the loo)

Next you learn to use your room controller. Everything in the room is controlled by a smartpad: activating drapes, entertainment options, lighting, wake-up alerts and heating / cooling. It even has "Moods". For example if you select "romantic" the drapes adjust, lights dim etc. If you program a wake up, it asks for how aggressive you want the wake up to be. I put in "gentle" and a very nice voice came on in the morning gently counting from 25 all the way back to 1.

The toilet and generously sized shower (with a huge rainshower head) are in a glass pod.

There is a small alcove to hang clothes, but again no drawers. There is a phone and a nice large room safe. The room was tomb quiet, the bed was great and all the techno worked.

There are lots of movies and all are free (including the naughty ones).

The place has a sense of humor, it is immaculate, and is a short easy walk from CDG's Terminal 3 Roissypole. And it is priced right.

I wish Citizen M well and hope see many more worldwide.

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