Saturday, October 10, 2015

You Need A Room Mate

WiFi Everywhere!

Just a quickie. I just received a note from one of my favorite hotel chains; Spain's Room Mate.

Now, when you check into any Room Mate hotel in Spain, you'll be issued a portable WiMate modem (allowing unlimited mobile WiFi anywhere nationwide). Soon the service will be offered at all Room Mate properties worldwide.

For those that have never heard of Room Mate do look into them. They offer truly distinctive properties throughout Spain. They also have additional properties in Italy, Holland and Turkey.

Here, across the Atlantic, Room Mate has expanded with properties in New York City, Miami (2) and Mexico City.

Every Room Mate hotel is unique and offers truly exceptional customer service.

I experienced an example of that exceptional customer service at the Room Mate Leo in Granada. I left my travel folio (with my passport) in the cab that delivered me from the airport. Once I realized what had happened the desk staff worked literally all night to make sure it was returned saving my vacation.

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