Saturday, October 24, 2015

More Adventures in Flight

Montana, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona and California
All in 10 days....
When architects get busy, they get very busy. 

When they slow down, they immediately start to worry. 

Then they get busy again and remember wistfully how nice it was when things were a little slower.

In our firm when things get busy it means we travel a lot. When I'm really busy I try to do the impossible and work on my flights.

Today on my flight from Phoenix to Chicago I was hoping to get some work done and scored a nice exit row seat with legroom and enough room to actually open my laptop.

Then my seatmate arrived. 

Lets just say the seat did not accommodate her well.  She was way too big for the tiny airplane seat and she groaned pitifully trying to squeeze into it. 

Luckily for me exit row seats are pylons (to accommodate the tray table), so you can't lift an armrest and expand onto your neighbor.  For this I offer my sincerest gratitude.

Then as the plane began to move she started a prolonged asthma attack. It was only her second time flying so there was some major anxiety going on.

Enter the flight attendants. 

It was a large 321 aircraft and every seat was filled. Yet, they came and checked on her constantly. They brought lots of water, cold compresses and some soothing words.

Real pros. 

I didn't get any work done, but I did get to watch an amazing Phoenix based flight crew. One that American Airlines can be very proud of.

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