Friday, November 13, 2015

Resist Fear

More Parisian Heartache

As I sit in the Denver airport waiting for my flight home I am witness to our media blazing with images and updates describing horrific attacks upon the citizens and visitors of Paris.

And, as usual frightened alarmists are going berzerk in the blog-o-sphere calling for immediate and massive western attacks upon anyone that looks or acts differently than they do.

I'm quite sure that the French economy (which is heavily dependent upon tourism) will suffer. And the collateral damage will be economic hardship on innocent Parisians.

Everyone that reads my blog knows I solidly believe that the world becomes a more dangerous place in direct proportion to our descent into isolationism.

I just returned from Paris and Normandy and would have zero reservation about returning again.

We only truly live our lives when we lean into, and overcome, our fears. 

So, if you had planned your "trip of a lifetime" to Paris, Go!

Your life will vastly richer for it.

Symbols of Heroism and Resiliency 

As for me the most dangerous places I frequent are the city streets (filled with reckless, gun toting and distracted drivers) in my hometown of Phoenix.

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