Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Road Warriors Take Another Jab

American and Marriott News

Those of us who travel a lot have all been speculating how long it would take (after the US Airways/American computer systems merged) for the "New American" to screw their frequent fliers.

Most of us assumed it would occur early in 2016. But we were wrong.

Today American defined how it will gut its frequent flier program.

Yes the points American sold you yesterday are to be devalued tomorrow.

This just confirms that with the airline mergers now complete we continue to see steady declines in service as fares continue to increase.

Luckily for me I can do more and more skype and travel less and less.

To add even more salt to the wound, the three big American "legacy" carriers have now joined forces to use political pressure to seal off America's airline markets to foreign carriers.

You see it is easier to prevent competition than to actually compete against it. Especially when the competition they face offers superior service delivered in fleets of clean comfortable aircraft.

Now the hotel industry is taking a page from the airline industry with the biggest hoteliers starting to devour each other.

Yet, if the airline mergers tell us anything it is that mergers have only been good for the growing monster, never the customer. 

So yesterday's Marriott / Starwood merger is likely the opening shot of a whole new hotel based merger mania. 

My guess it will lead to higher hotel prices with corresponding declines in quality and service.

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