Monday, September 19, 2016

Bicycling The Costa Brava

Another Two Wheeled Adventure

Roadboy completed final packing last weekend as I am about to embark (next week) on a bike trip in Spain.

My itinerary begins with a flight to Madrid where I'll arrive early in the am, shower and take a swim in the indoor / outdoor pool at the Madrid Airport Hilton.

I really like flying into Madrid and taking my jetlag days there. Typically I just rest / relax and perhaps make a quick trip into the centro. 

Saturday morning I'll take a quick hop on a Vueling flight to Barcelona to join the rest of the bike tour.  There will be two sightseeing days in Barcelona with an evening performance of classical guitar and flamenco at the spectacular Palace of Catalonian Music (The Palau).

Then we catch an AVE (high speed rail) trip north to Girona where the bicycle tour will begin. There will be 6 days of bicycling with distances up to 22 miles each day. Highlights will be Roman ruins, a trip to Gaia's (Dali's wife) castle, rides along the Mediterranean all finished off with a cruise.

The group will then be transported back to Barcelona to overnight before return flights home.

The weather should be mild and sunny!

Stay tuned.

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